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How do I order sports eyewear online?

You can find the right sports eyewear for you - no matter what your sport. Browse through the wide range of sports eyewear on offer at Mister Spex. Use the search filters: men's/women's, material, colour, brand, price and, of course, which kind of sport.

  1. Choose your favourite model and add to your shopping basket.
  2. You will be redirected to your basket and you can confirm your selection by clicking the button “proceed to checkout“.
  3. Now you can enter your personal details and delivery address. You also need to accept the “data protection policy“.
  4. Next choose your payment method.
  5. Confirm your order by clicking “order“.
  6. Via the subsequent confirmation page you can ensure that your order is successfully sent to the Mister Spex system.

Some sports eyewear lenses from Mister Spex are individually customisable. Please let us know if you have any questions!

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* Totalbeløpet for vanlig butikkpris for innfatningen og veiledende pris for to ripefrie plastglass med én styrke og antirefleks (brytningsindeks 1,5), maks sph +6,0/-6,0 D; cyl +2,0/-2,0 D

** Alle innfatninger inkluderer to ripefrie plastglass med én styrke og antirefleks (brytningsindeks 1,5), maks sph +6,0/-6,0 D; cyl +2,0/-2,0 D

De utkryssede prisene uten veiledende pris er standardpriser på Mister Spex.