The Mister Spex Marketing Team is responsible for keeping current and potential customers up to date with all the relevant information about our product range and special offers.

A big part of this is the online marketing area. Search engine optimization and search engine marketing are very important for our online marketing. We are also engaged with the latest marketing trends on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. While we collaborate with other online shops and with various online marketing networks, Mister Spex also has a strong presence on television, advertising on German channels such as RTL II, ProSieben, Sat. 1 and Kabel 1. Marketing aimed at keeping current clients satisfied is hugely important to us. A big part of this is our customer newsletter, which keeps customers up to date with our special offers and relevant information about Mister Spex.

Public Relations

The Mister Spex PR Department engages primarily with journalists. We deal with various different types of media relating to our different areas of involvement: fashion, the optical trade press, lifestyle magazines as well as everyday business literature. Mister Spex is also involved in journalism through our regular online magazine Frame, which covers general fashion and eyewear trends.


Operations is responsible for all areas of customer service. A team of eye specialists and service employees answers customer calls and e-mails, and gives out advice. Our in-house opticians also deal with our external edging workshop to make sure the customised lenses are fitted properly into the glasses.

Operations is also responsible for running the Mister Spex warehouse and logistics (shipping). As well as this Operations looks after the planning of the product range, negotiations with suppliers and purchasing. New ranges, brands and designers are inspected, trends are observed and new glasses for the next season are ordered.

Product Management

This department is responsible for how the Mister Spex websites look and run. It is the interface between IT and the rest of the company.

A team made up of graphic designers, web designers and web programmers are responsible for the conceptual design and configuration of the website. They also develop the presentation of products in the online storeproduct photos and videos, and at the same time are responsible for the corporate design of Mister Spex. Furthermore, the product management team looks after the implementation of customer feedback and improvement of the Online Fitting Tool.


The Mister Spex IT Department is divided in two: Storefront and Backoffice.

The Storefront works with Product Management to programme and technically implement changes to the website. The search and filter functions, and the results pages, are optimised by the Storefront team.

The Backoffice deals with the technical transformation of multiple business processes. The product controlling system, the order and delivery process, and also the controlling reports are supported in the Backoffice.

Finance & Controlling

Finance and Controlling is responsible for the planning and controlling of all budgets, costs, investment and profit goals of the company. On a regular basis, together with Management, Finance and Controlling develops scenarios, plans results and checks their adherence.

Business Development

Business Development looks after the further development of the Mister Spex business model. All projects and ideas which don't necessarily involve the day-to-day running of the company, but contribute to long-term success, are directed to this department. New sales structures are designed and development of foreign markets is closely observed.

Human Resources

HR is responsible for finding and hiring new employees, looking after all of the employees' needs and questions at work, and coordinating the interns, freelancers and students working at Mister Spex.


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